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BELOMETTI FORMAGGI… since 1930 synonymous of quality


Preziosi brand gathers the best of Belometti’s products: a sum of experience, passion, uniqueness, savor and tradition which you can find in cheese like Taleggio “Valle oro”, Gorgonzola “Desiderio”, formaggella “Betta”, robiola “Prato oro”.


Belometti and Valcalepio: a duo of competence and quality translated into a range of product. We take care of our origin: we were born into the heart of Val Calepio, a valley near Bergamo and we want to sell not only cheese but also a long life tradition.

MUCCA brand

The last but not the least: Mucca brand answers to the requests of the market, now oriented to the GDO and Ho.re.ca needs. Products of quality available in easy mono portion or in multiservice and multiproduct packaging.