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Who we are

Belometti’s history has started long time ago, in 1930s, on the slope of Monte Bronzone, with a look on Iseo lake from one side and Valcalepio valley on the other. Along the Guerna stream, we began collecting products from the local farmers and transforming them into cheese with a unique and personal taste. Stracchino del Monte Bronzone, the ancestor of  the Taleggio of today, Quartirolo, formaggella Betta and our genuine cheese form  alpine hut are some examples of the richness of Valcalepio.

During the time and through generations, we specialized our activity of  aging, mixing experience of finding the right products and developing the important phase of aging. The partnership we have established with the master cheese producers let us get a product which, after selection, improvement and aging, has a unique taste ready to be led into the market.

Preziosi brand was so born: it means a careful selection of the most local and regional products like Stracchino del Monte Bronzone, Robiola, Formaggella and the D.O.P  Taleggio, Quartirolo, Salva and even more.